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The world’s premier publisher of climate research and its parent company refuse to stop supporting fossil fuel expansion.

Elsevier and RELX support fossil fuels through:
Publications that identify technologies, methods, and areas for new fossil fuel development.
Data services — developed from academic research papers — that help most major oil, gas, and coal companies find and develop new fossil fuel resources.
Exhibition services for fossil fuel industry companies operating in exploration and development.
Support for U.S. politicians who obstruct and deny the need for immediate climate action.

It’s time to #StopElsevier and turn the page on science in service of fossil fuel expansion!

Cell – The Lancet – Neuroimaging – Biomaterials – Journal of the American College of Cardiology – Trends in Ecology & Evolution – Quaternary Science Reviews – Current OpinionGlobal Environmental Change

“It’s hard to believe that a company that publishes research about the dangers of the climate and ecological crises is the very same company that actively works with oil and gas companies to extract more fossil fuels, which drags us towards disaster

James Dyke, University of Exeter

The Guardian, 24 Feb 2022

By engaging in such activities while making vocal pledges to climate-friendly compacts like the UN Race to Zero program and the UN Global Compact, it’s clear that Elsevier is engaged in greenwashing.

Kristina Dahl,
Principal climate scientist, The Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS, 12 Oct 2022

Elsevier, The Lancet’s  publisher, continues to subsidise climate pollution through analytic tools and new journals supporting coal, oil, and gas exploration and extraction—an ongoing partnership that is morally and materially insupportable.

Alex Macmillan and Rhys Jones

The Lancet, 2 Dec 2022

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The Netherlands (Elsevier HQ): The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has drawn up rules of thumb for sustainability claims, including requirement that businesses “be honest and specific about your company’s efforts with regard to sustainability.”
REPORTING: Submit a tip-off to the ACM HERE